Obligatory Seed Packet Photo Post

Obligatory Seed Packet Photo Post | goodkarma

So one of the things I mentioned last time is that I’d like to use this space partly as a garden journal. One thing I love even more than the actual gardening is marking things in seed catalogs. Seed Catalog Day is hands-down my favorite day of the whole year. I circle, I fold corners down, I add to my spreadsheet, I drink tea, I research different varieties, and have an all-around joyful time of it. In the researching aspect of it, I am always so grateful┬áto find reviews on certain varieties and even more stoked when I find actual blog posts from people who have grown them. I don’t find these too often. Probably because the ones I tend to look up are more obscure or heirloom varieties rather than the popular mainstream ones you hear about. So this is another goal for this blog. To be able to post a bit about my experiences with strange varieties and maybe help other nerdy seed-researchin’ folks with their seed buyin’ decisions.

I, of course, have my favorites I grow every year (Rainbow Chard, Scotch Curled Kale, Sweet Banana Peppers, Stupice Tomatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Black Hungarian Peppers, Pineapple Sage, etc.), but I always make room for new ones. A few new things I tried last year that exceeded my expectations and have become new favorites include Double Yield Cucumbers, Oriole Chard, Thousand-Headed Kale, Bekana Greens, and Jade II Beans.

This year, some new varieties I’m excited about are Grandma Mary’s Tomatoes, Etuida Peppers, Green Leaf Gailan, New Zealand Spinach, Camelina, and Mother of Pearl Poppies (which I’ve had my eye on for years now). Hopefully, I can do a good job of documenting some of these here this year.

Obligatory Seed Packet Photo Post | goodkarma


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